Friday, May 29, 2015

I own a house!

Last summer after we initially moved in it was time to set up the living room entertainment.

There is a fireplace and a wall cut-out above it. There already was an outlet and a cut out that just had a coax cable to the basement, an HDMI cable to the pantry in the kitchen, and a cat5 cable that went to the attic.

There was one previous owner and he clearly was a mysterious man.

Studly Stud helped marked where the stud was. Good job Studly Stud!

The side... currently a blank wall...

Rawr! I exacto-knifed the shit out of it!

The face plate! I found a great site (I will link to it when I remember) that had lots of connectors and face plates. Also: you might not be able to tell, fair reader, but the connectors are in little cubes, the whole set up is modular! Yea!

Look at those properly organized tentacles!

Action shot: devices on the bookshelf on the left, HDMI ports on the right easy to plug into!

Whole process took three days, mostly waiting on things to arrive and going to work. And I think it was < $40.



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