Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Office!!

I took some time off work and finally redid the office in my house! I have had tan walls since I was 18, moving from apartment to apartment, but now I have a house... Now I finally have freedom from tan!!

The office had become a dumping ground for our random shit and place to hide shit when people come over.


Random shit, notice how it is easy to step over, therefore easy to ignore.

My desk on the left, his on the right. Notice the printer is on those rickety wire shelves.
Printing stuff was an interesting process.

The closet. Don't judge me.

Ugh, boring ceiling!

The ceiling fan - surprisingly awesome!

 Doing the things!

Taping and cleaning

Clearing stuff out!

Starting painting!

Ceiling is now black! We've got glow in the dark planets with the sun in the middle.

 ...I couldn't help myself...


Going in sections around the walls. Top layer is black.

Second layer! Two parts black one part blue.

Third layer! Two parts blue one part black.

Wall!! I am not too good at blending but eh

Hard to convey but the black parts sparkle!
The aftermath



Moon clock! It glows in the dark!


Wall shot!


(Wednesday was mostly going through shit and throwing it away and/or donating it)

It screws into the wall! Whaaat!
Ignore the baseboard. But now I know how to tape so shut up. 

FJ's Desk! And what is that over there?

Oh yes, look at that closet!

My desk!

Fancy adult shelf, because I adult sometimes.

End result!

Yes we have recliners, get over it.


And now, relax-time!