Friday, June 26, 2015

Table Signs + More Decor

Here are table signs to point out the games, guestbook, and card box!

Tetris papercraft! To sprinkle on the guestbook/present tables! 

Don't ask why they have eyes.. it involves a large bottle of wine and a hot glue gun...

Cthulhu Centerpiece!

So the game for this one is Arkham Horror. A rather superb series of boardgames that star the gods from H.P. Lovecraft's universe.  Since it is difficult to represent the sanity-reducing horror that is Arkham and the Elder Gods, I decided instead to do an homage to Cthulhu and the story he came from "Call of Cthulhu". Which is also has a fantastic silent film adaptation!

Oh the tentacles! Try not to stare too long at these photographs, even the cartoon paper cutout of His Horribleness can twist your soul inside out.

I can only imagine what the people at the paper store thought of me when I made them print out a giant elder sign.

Professional shot from the wedding!

Clue Centerpiece!

He did it in the kitchen with the rope..!

 This one got a little crazy - I've got white, purple, green, red, yellow and a blue peacock with a card cut out of the people. For the weapons I strung a bunch on a stick! So all three (person, place, object) are represented.

Professional shot from the wedding!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Invites + Guestbook

The invitations and RSVP cards were Adventure Time themed. I got them from Etsy! I just went with the digital versions and had them printed elsewhere.

These were so much fun!

To keep that theme going the guest book was an empty journal that is based on an important book from the show. Also found on Etsy!

Table Activities

I have a short attention span and cannot sit still for long. So in addition to the usual things happening at receptions (food, cake, dancing) I also have other activities...


Crayons! Underneath the centerpieces are large black and white papers, perfect for doodling.

I ordered two boxes of 250 crayons (thank you Amazon). Then I grouped two of each color (six total colors) into a bundle and made 26 bundles. With plenty of leftovers, yesss.

Also: I own an obscene amount of rubber bands for some reason.

Camera Scavenger Hunt!

Shamelessly using Pintrest ideas, I made a simple list and then tied in the color theme of the wedding (rainbow!) and printed it out on normal printer paper. There is no need for fancy cardstock.

I purposely made the line "something blue" a color other than blue. Because I have quite a few friends who will be deliciously irked by that. :D


I don't know if anyone will play this game but it could be funny as the night goes on.

I assembled 30 or so items so each card is a little bit different.

Sonic the Hedgehog Centerpiece!

While it was extremely tempting to get a live hedgehog for this centerpiece it really wasn't practical. (My dogs would have been jealous since they are not invited to the party.)

So this one is a little on the abstract side I guess... Round blue balls because hedgehogs rolling around through golden rings is a common everyday occurrence. 

Professional shot from the wedding!

The Settlers of Catan Centerpiece!

I have so much wood for sheep right now...

Cotton balls and cardboard with googly eyes is all I did for the sheep (wool). Inside the vase are rocks (stone) this time instead of the beads like the others. With some cut out of bricks (clay), a [fake] tree branch (wood), and some wheat (wheat) this centerpiece is complete!

Professional shot from the wedding!

Portal Centerpieces!

As soon as I saw a giant orange flower and a giant blue flower I knew exactly what to do! Which was to purchase them and then stick them in a vase with other things.

I took a cut out of the logo guy and glued him right onto the flowers. I didn't want to do anything else because I love how mildly 'abstract' it is. Then I cut up a bunch of the warning signs and, of course, a beloved papercraft Companion Cube. :'(

I might add a cutout or papercraft cake and hide it in the vase.

Instead I got drunk with a friend and we bedazzled the vases!

Professional shot from the wedding!

My wonderful friend, whom also shares a deep love of Portal, lent me some of her figurines!

Half Life Centerpiece!

Gordon Freeman is a scientist to aspire to. He also makes for an adorable papercraft cube man.

I saw that orange mess and figured "yea okay" weird space-time portals and alien planets. It works. 

Professional shot from the wedding!

Dungeons & Dragons Centerpiece!

I have been playing D and D since I was little and have had an active group for the past three years.

Papercraft dice! For the monsters it was a hard decision but I stuck with the classics, a [blue] dragon and a beholder. I managed to find these great twig things.. to get as creepy as a feeling as I could.

Professional shot from the wedding!

Doctor Who Centerpiece!

Okay so, this one kind of cheating, however it does technically have a game or two. But I had to represent everyone's favorite alien somehow.

So many scary monsters!

Professional shot from the wedding!

Borderlands Centerpiece!

Guns! Robots! Insane loot! EXPLOSIONS!

I tried to find flowers that were desolate and gave the feel of a desert wasteland. I think they turned out awesome. 

Since this is such a giant game there were a lot of things I could go with to represent it. I ended up with the logos for the Gun Manufactures and a papercraft Claptrap!

Professional shot from the wedding!