Saturday, June 13, 2015

Table Activities

I have a short attention span and cannot sit still for long. So in addition to the usual things happening at receptions (food, cake, dancing) I also have other activities...


Crayons! Underneath the centerpieces are large black and white papers, perfect for doodling.

I ordered two boxes of 250 crayons (thank you Amazon). Then I grouped two of each color (six total colors) into a bundle and made 26 bundles. With plenty of leftovers, yesss.

Also: I own an obscene amount of rubber bands for some reason.

Camera Scavenger Hunt!

Shamelessly using Pintrest ideas, I made a simple list and then tied in the color theme of the wedding (rainbow!) and printed it out on normal printer paper. There is no need for fancy cardstock.

I purposely made the line "something blue" a color other than blue. Because I have quite a few friends who will be deliciously irked by that. :D


I don't know if anyone will play this game but it could be funny as the night goes on.

I assembled 30 or so items so each card is a little bit different.

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