Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thank you cards!

Life post wedding was exhausting and extremely stressful at work. So I have been late-coming with the thank you cards.

I am not good at writing or talking to people. So instead of having to write the same generic BS message over and over again I decided to take a different approach with the cards. I bought a few quick pretty packs of thank-you cards from amazon, then wrote a quick "Thank you! Love Ana + Jacob" in them. The meat of the card was each one has a picture in it of us (or the puppies) using the items that people gave us. Quick, painless and very personalized!

Pictured above going clockwise: J and I hiding in the garden wearing the two hanging planters as hats. J wielding the sashimi knife and cutting board while I readied for attack with my chopstick claws. Shots! And wooza, this one took a few tries because we accidentally kept standing in front of the shotglass display case (which was the present) and/or apparently J and I make really weird faces when taking a shot. And we wanted to be genuine. Took. A. Shot. Every. Time. Then a cool down after on the porch with margarita glasses (with J's amazing recipe). Needless to say, we were not very productive that night. 

Some other fun photos we took:

Zelda and Link amiibos which were our cake toppers.

Actually baking a roast beef! 
Sadly it was thrown away, due to J's cooking skills being on par with Bender's

This went to the wonderful people who gave us Target giftcards.

And this to the wonderful people who gave us cash. The dogs were really confused why I kept spewing Monopoly money at them. They were heavily rewarded with doggy bacon & peanut butter for their services. 

Kaikala shares my love of Alton Brown.

And of course what everyone needs after an incredibly stressful four months..

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  1. I burst out laughing when we received our thank you card! Loved it! MJA had to take a second glance to understand the picture. I do like that the hanging planters can be used as hats!!! Love you two!!!