Monday, August 3, 2015

The Cake!

For the reception we had a Legend of Zelda themed cake done! Since our passion for the game series lead to our wedding bands, it only seemed fitting. The amazing Omaha Cake Gallery made it! Soooooo incredibly delicious.

I now present to you the Coolest. Cake. Ever.

The bottom tier features an 8-bit Link and Zelda on a background of the map of Hyrule from "A Link to the Past", which is J's favorite game. The middle tier is of Midna riding Wolf Link on a background of the castle from "Twilight Princess", my favorite game. The top tier featured the crest with rupees surrounding it. Topping the cake was the master sword and the Link and Zelda amiibos!

They added two SNES controllers coming out of the cake!

They also added rupees all over, an ocarina, a treasure chest, and the Hyrulian Shield!

The flavors were coconut on the bottom and top tiers, and banana cream in the middle. I am now convinced that I need to get a fancy cake for every special occasion!

It was so delicious and appetizing that my adorable niece couldn't wait for us to finish first piece and start sharing!

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