Monday, August 3, 2015

The Reception!

The Reception: A Timeline with Pictures

We arrived at the beautiful Castle Unicorn at 1pm

Arriving early allowed us to set up the centerpieces, get dressed, and do copious amounts of drinking/jelloshots!

The wonderful Scarlett Crews, our photographer, arrived later in the afternoon. So we sneaked off and got some pictures of just the two of us since we never got around to getting engagement photos.

The castle is surrounded by a gorgeous forest area

The upper part of the castle is a giant patio with fantastic views! We got cat-called several times during our photos 

Then a bunch of family and friends photos! Here are my nieces that my mom made matching skirts with the leftovers from my dress!


One last jelloshot before the party! 

It was beautiful, marvelous, and some of the best fun I ever had!

Cigars were smoked, s'mores were eaten, and we danced the night away...

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